Strong Compression Bandages 7m x 10cm Product Code: BV-417-011

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  • Details: "- The compression power of this bandage can be easily adjusted due to their stretch properties. Good for reabsortion improvement of haematoma, prophylaxis of thrombosis, after-care of varicose veins damage and for therapy of vein insufficiency. Durable, washable and easy to fit. - 90% cotton, 10% polyurethane. - Construction when stretched: 42 threads/ - Stretched Length: 7m. - Elongation: >170%. - Regain length: approx. 100%. - Approx. weight when stretched: 132g/sq.m. - With or without individual wrapping in cellophane + shelf box + transport carton. Non sterile Code 417-011 Size 7m x 10cm g/m2 132 Clips 2 Threads 42 Cellophane Pcs./Sh. box 10 Pcs./Transport carton 120 "
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