Pac-Dent Pac-File NiTi Rotary Files .04 Taper

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  • Details: Model: FNT210415 Manufactured by: Pac-Dent Warranty: Satisfaction Guaranteed Condition: New Pac-Dent Pac-File&grade; NiTi Rotary Files Pac-Dent International is introducing its new Pac-Taper™ and Pac-File™ rotary files. These two file systems are the newest addition to the Pac-Endo™ product line. With their variable taper design, Pac-Taper™ rotary files offer exceptional canal shaping performance. Pac-File™ rotary instruments have a constant taper and are available in .04 and .06 taper and ISO tip sizes 15-60. PacFile can be used with any canal shaping techniques for constant tapered files. Both file designs are available in regular NiTi and Pac-Dent's new proprietary Conform NiTi. With the proprietary treatment of the NiTi alloy, the Pac-Taper™ Conform and Pac-File™ Conform files do not have the spring back effect as regular NiTi files. Therefore, these files stay more centered in the canal and conform better to the canal morphology reducing the risk of; Straightening curved canals, Ledge formation, Transportation, and Perforation. The Pac-Taper™ and Pac-File™ Conform files are 490% more resistant to cyclical fatigue breakage, and when to much torque is applied to them they start unwinding instead of snapping off as regular NiTi files typically do. This visual warning offers the user the chance to take precautionary measures. Comparable to K3™ *, Vortex® *, HyFlex®NT™ *, Endosequence® * Made of premium Super-Elastic USA nickel-titanium alloy. Ideal for simple straight canals, calcified canals and removing gutta-percha. Can be used with all techniques typically use with constant tapered files. PART NUMBERS: .04 Taper, Tip Size 15, 21mm; FNT210415 .04 Taper, Tip Size 15, 25mm; FNT250415 .04 Taper, Tip Size 15, 31mm; FNT310415 .04 Taper, Tip Size 20, 21mm; FNT210420 .04 Taper, Tip Size 20, 25mm; FNT250420 .04 Taper, Tip Size 20, 31mm; FNT310420 .04 Taper, Tip Size 25, 21mm; FNT210425 .04 Taper, Tip Size 25, 25mm; FNT250425 .04 Taper, Tip Size 25, 31mm; FNT310425 .04 Taper, Tip Size 30, 21mm; FNT210430 .04 Taper, Tip Size 30, 25mm; FNT250430 .04 Taper, Tip Size 30, 31mm; FNT310430 .04 Taper, Tip Size 35, 21mm; FNT210435 .04 Taper, Tip Size 35, 25mm; FNT250435 .04 Taper, Tip Size 35, 31mm; FNT310435 .04 Taper, Tip Size 40, 21mm; FNT210440 .04 Taper, Tip Size 40, 31mm; FNT310440 .04 Taper, Tip Size 40, 31mm; FNT310440 .04 Taper, Tip Size 45, 21mm; FNT210445 .04 Taper, Tip Size 45, 25mm; FNT250445 .04 Taper, Tip Size 45, 31mm; FNT310445 .04 Taper, Tip Size 50, 21mm; FNT210450 .04 Taper, Tip Size 50, 25mm; FNT250450 .04 Taper, Tip Size 50, 31mm; FNT310450 .04 Taper, Tip Size 55, 21mm; FNT210455 .04 Taper, Tip Size 55, 25mm; FNT250455 .04 Taper, Tip Size 55, 25mm; FNT250455 .04 Taper, Tip Size 60, 21mm; FNT210460 .04 Taper, Tip Size 60, 25mm; FNT250460 .04 Taper, Tip Size 60, 31mm; FNT310460 .04 Taper Tip, Size 15-40(assorted), 21mm; FNT2104AS .04 Taper Tip, Size 15-40(assorted), 25mm; FNT2504AS .04 Taper Tip, Size 15-40(assorted), 31mm; FNT3104AS
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