ORAPRO G2 Light Cure Adhesive from Nexadental

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  • Details: Designed to offer ideal esthetics with metal or clear brackets, ORAPRO G2 light cure bracket adhesive offers high bond strengths. The low-viscosity paste has a consistency to fill the bracket bonding base for a strong adhesion to the tooth with reduced pre-curing float. The fluoride containing material offers an extended working time for optimal bracket placement. • ItemORAPRO G2 Light Cure Adhesive • CompanyNexadental • Catalog NumberJ101K / J104K • Fluoride Release • Delivery MethodSyringe • System ComponentsIntro Kit: 5 g Syringe Adhesive 3 ml Bonding Resin 3 ml Liquid Etch Brushes, Spatula, Dispensing Pad Full Kit: Four 5 g Syringe Adhesive Two 3 ml Bonding Resin 7 ml Liquid Etch Brushes, Spatula, Dispensing Pad Single Dose: 40 0.35 g Unit Dose Capsules • Cure MethodLight Cure • Color of AdhesivePale Ivory
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