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  • Details: "NIM-Eclipse® NeuroPhysiologist Screen and Surgeon Screens NIM-Eclipse®is a unique modular platform. NIM-Eclipse® SD is a dedicated NeuroMonitoring system for spine surgeries which can be operated directly by the surgeon. NIM-Eclipse® is a unique modular platform. The NeuroPhysiologist (NP) Module is the most comprehensive and flexible solution for NeuroMonitoring for a wide range of surgeries. It meets the needs 1- Intra-Op Nerve Monitoring (IONM) 2- Patient Safety while doing Scoliosis, Spine & Disc fixation Procedures and Neuro Surgery for Nerve Protection 3- Scoliosis Surgery can benefit of this Monitory to cancel the wake up test during operation 4- Testing each pedicel Screw "
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