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  • Details: Assay Method: Reaction rate, endpoint, two-point, double wavelength, coefficient, multiple standards, blank reagent, blank sample, absorbance at fixed point, Q. C, Q. C graph and turbidity.0Temperature System: PELTIER temperature control component, 25, 30, 37 degree celsius, accuracy: ± 1 degree celsius. 0Light Source: 6V, 10W halogen lamp of more than 2 hours' life time0GML Precision: ± 2nm 0FWHM: ≤ 10nm 0Stray Light: ≤ 0.5% (absorbance≥ 2.5) 0Absorbance Range: -0.214~3. 0Absorbance Linearity: ± 1% 0Absorbance Repeatability: ± 0.1 0Precision: ≤ 1%0Carry Over: ≤ 1% 0Resolution: 1m Abs 0Stability: ≤ 3mAbs/h 0Flow Cell: Permanent quartz flow cell, minimal volume is 32uL, and disposable flow cell is selectable 0Sampling System: Pressure auto releasing pumps ensure the accuracy of suction volume 0Absoption Volume: 2uL~3uL0Sample Volume: 10uL~50uL 0Display: 19''LCD0Print: Print standard test A4 test report 0Interface: RS-232 serial port 0Working Condition: Temperature: 10-30 degree celsius, Relative Humidity: 20%-80%0Voltage: AC 85~264V, auto adapt according to the input voltage 0Power: ≤ 1W 0Quality System: CE0
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